1"OD (3/4"ID) x 100' Vinyl Tubing Clear

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  • 1"OD (3/4"ID) x 100' Vinyl Tubing Clear
  • Unit: Unit
  • Status: Regular stock item


Applications for this product include air conditioning and refrigeration condensate drains, condensate pump discharge lines, and humidifier overflows. The sizes available for this non-toxic clear vinyl chloride ranged from ¼in. to 1in. diameter.
Select Gorilla Tube over standard clear vinyl tube because the extra rigid design resists crimping and kinking due to durometer value of 80 (Shore A) and thicker wall. The maximum service temperature of this is product 140 F (60 C). Overall, this product is a better performer in the colder weather climates.


  • Product Type : Tubings
  • Material : Clear Vinyl
  • Diameter : 1" (25mm)
  • Diameter B : 3/4" (19mm)
  • Length : 100' (30.48m)
  • No lead : No
  • ADA/CSA : Yes